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چهارشنبه 28/12/1387 - 10:0 -0 تشکر 99904
New Year & English Forum’s ceremony

In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful

به نام خدای بخشنده و مهربان


Hi everybody

سلام به همگی


We are going to do interesting things at this New Solar Year 1388

They are as follow:


قراره تو عید نوروز سال 1388 به کمک هم کارهای بسیار خوبی در این تاپیک انجام بدیم.

از جمله:


1. At first we will collect 7 C of our new year’s table.

1. برای شروع سفره هفت Cن (سین) انجمن انگلیسی را خواهیم چید.


2. We will congratulate each other upon this New Year.

2. تبریک گفتن به هم دیگر به خاطر نو شدن سال و به تبعش نو شدن خودمون


3. We are going to give each other gifts on this great occasion.

3. عیدی دادن به همدیگر


4. And what you suggest…

4. و هر موردی که شما پیشنهاد بدید...



Have a Year full of Success, Healthiness and Happiness

چهارشنبه 28/12/1387 - 10:31 - 0 تشکر 99917

اسامی مستعار تمامی کسانی که در طول یک سال از ابتدای فروردین تا انتهای اسفند سال 87 در انجمن انگلیسی حضور پیدا کردند.

چهارشنبه 28/12/1387 - 10:34 - 0 تشکر 99918


حالا نوبت شماست که Cن (سین) های بعدی رو بذارید به سلیقه خودتون

چهارشنبه 28/12/1387 - 21:26 - 0 تشکر 100117

سلام دوستان...

پیشاپیش عید همگی مبــــــــــارکبهار-بیست دات كام   تصاویر زیبا سازی وبلاگ    www.bahar-20.com

ممنون رو به آسمان گرامی به خاطر طرح نو

Another C:

بهار-بیست دات كام   تصاویر زیبا سازی وبلاگ    www.bahar-20.com   Celestial present....   بهار-بیست دات كام   تصاویر زیبا سازی وبلاگ    www.bahar-20.com

Successful indeed are the believers



خدايا در برابر هر آنچه انسان ماندن را به تباهي مي کشاند مرا با نداشتن و نخواستن رويين تن کن. (علي شريعتي)



"مدير انجمن زن ريحانه ي آفرينش"

"جانشين انجمن زبان انگليسي"

چهارشنبه 28/12/1387 - 22:40 - 0 تشکر 100139

salam every body

thanks for this nice topic

You know when i read it, i just felt sth strange

it"s almost One Year we all have been together...

A year has passed!

can you remember the times we started TELS?

we were all happy...we were helping each other...we encourged, prayed , assisted and supported eachother..

we made friends....

We Taught to one another and We Learned from others...!!! 

we were all respecting to ourselves and others and tht Rules of humanity...

go0o0od days we spent together...

and now...

c....for the Cold atmosphere of English Forum!

c for the common Misunderstandings...

c for the  condescension

c for  contumely

c for ...

i hope that in new Year....we can make here better!!!

We Can if We Want! 

Happy New Year! 


باید بروم در خلوت سرخ

تا بتوانم  ترانه ی آگاهی بخوانم

و خدا است تنها پناهم

خلوت، تولد حقیقتم خواهد شد


پنج شنبه 29/12/1387 - 2:28 - 0 تشکر 100190

Thank you very much dear Reza.

C for Chapter, as English ,as such, and English Forum brought up a new chapter in our lives, and was to let us all be for more. 

new chapter in a life  فصل جدیدی در زندگی.

پنج شنبه 29/12/1387 - 2:53 - 0 تشکر 100195

Dear Hese Qarib

Your set of 7-C table came up as a surprise to me Has it really got to be this bitter now? I don’t think so, let’s sweeten it up! (Provided that we, Iranians, believe that the happier we start a year, the more productive it will be).

When something goes wrong or somebody gets irritated in a group, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is all gone and we have been left with no other choice but to give up, no, I assure you that’s not the end of the world. While we lose something, we gain something else in return, so let us be happy that we are as strong and energetic as before or even more than that. Wishing a very successful year and a prosperous forum, I remain.

پنج شنبه 29/12/1387 - 10:30 - 0 تشکر 100239

Hello everybody

Thank you dear Botanist for your great choice, I strongly believe in the second C that you mentioned. To be frank, it was the first verse of Quran that influenced me to a great degree. I wish you a memorable journey full of divine moments at the celestial revelation land. (As you know in the next few days dear Botanist is going to make pilgrimage to Mecca.)

Thank you dear Hesse Qarib for your presence, actually with your seemingly negative 4-C components of our New Year’s table, I realized that how firm it is our group work intimacy. And I’d like to add some points here about some events that occurred at our forum:

During these happenings I was thinking about what we are doing, you can just see a few paragraphs in the forum about the TELS happenings, but all of us were a bit unhappy about it, so that we talked to each other a great deal of hours about how to solve this event.

Maybe every one of us made a mistake, but we should know that we are human and human without mistake is nonsense. But the most important thing I realized is the following poem:

“If one member is afflicted with pain

Other members uneasy will remain’’

Thanks God for attaining such experience

Thanks God for being familiar with such friends

Thanks God for…

And at last thank you dear Reseacher for the next C element of our New Year’s table that you mentioned, new chapter of our life, that’s great. The time is passing and we are writing every single page of our life’s book and every year we finish one chapter of it, I wish a chapter full of best days for you through this New Year.


We’re looking forward to being provided with other friends’ presence at this magnificent ceremony.

So long

برو به انجمن
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